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DEBC-1 [RESTOCK ITEM] 1-Output DMX Emergency Bypass Controller


The DMX Emergency Bypass Controller (DEBC) from ETC allows DMX512-controlled fixtures, such as LEDs, to operate as normal/emergency fixtures by bypassing a single universe of DMX512 directly to the connected fixtures. This unit is designed to override the control signals on designated emergency lighting fixtures that are separately energized upon loss of utility power.

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The bypass is triggered through the onboard contact closure input, such as in the event of a power outage. The contact closure may be normally open or normally closed, and is supplied by an external device. For example, to turn lights on during a power loss, utilize the ETC Emergency Bypass Detection Kit (EBDK) or other suitable power sensing device. The DEBC may also operate as part of a closed-loop fire alarm system.

The DEBC requires that the electrical supply to the lighting fixtures is a normal/emergency source fed by an upstream transfer switch or other emergency power system. Upon loss of utility power or other event when egress lighting is needed, a dry contact closure or +12VDC input forces the DMX data link that is feeding connected fixtures into a bypass state. The bypass state can be defined as “All DMX channels to full” or a designated emergency setting of each DMX channel to a selected level.


  • When using electrical equipment, basic safety precautions should always be followed including the following:
  • Do not use this equipment for other than its intended use.

The DMX Emergency Bypass Controller provides a simple and cost-effective solution for control bypass of LED houselight systems in emergency lighting applications. The DMX Emergency Bypass Controller uses a single contact-closure input to bypass the DMX control signal and drive all connected loads to full. Optionally, selected fixtures can be controlled using the snapshot setting.

  • Applications:
    • DMX houselights
    • Permanently-installed, DMX-controlled LEDs
    • Theaters
    • Auditoriums
    • Houses of worship 

ETC DEBC-1 Features:

  • UL924 Listed for use in emergency lighting systems
  • CE Compliant
  • Compatible with ESTA/ANSI E1.11 DMX512 protocol
  • Compatible with 100-277VAC/50-60Hz emergency power (hot, neutral and ground)
  • Configurable DMX-snapshot for custom 'panic look'
  • Variable panic-look release settings
  • Panic input can accommodate a maintained normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC) dry or wet-contact or +12VDC signal
  • The six channel controller (DEBC-6) has a built-in UL924 compliant 1-in-6 out opto-splitter 

NOTE: The DMX emergency bypass controller is suitable for use with UL924 listed fixtures and power panels as part of a control bypass system for emergency lighting. Appropriate UL1008 listed power transfer equipment is required to comprise a complete emergency lighting system. 

ETC DEBC-1 Specifications:

  • Functional:
    • Overrides a single universe of ANSI E1.11–2008, USITT DMX512-A control signals from “Normal” to “Bypass” when a trigger signal is detected via a two-pin trigger input
    • Sends DMX signal to a single line or up to six (6) optically isolated lines
    • Polls the bypass trigger input after a power loss and reacts upon startup
    • Does not process DMX input in Normal mode (pass-through)
    • Records a single DMX preset (snapshot) of 512 channels for recall during “Bypass” mode
    • Recalls default or recorded sequence immediately on restart if the trigger is also applied at restart 
  • Mechanical:
    • Enclosure constructed of 18-gauge, formed steel panels with a removable front cover finished in gray, fine-textured powder-coat paint
    • Designed for wall-mount applications
    • Internal voltage barrier provides separate wiring compartments for power and control wiring
    • LED indicator visible from the exterior of the enclosure:
      • Green: power is present and Controller is functioning in normal state
      • Red: Controller is functioning in bypass state
    • Test button accessible from the front of the enclosure without removing any panels
    • The test button is recessed to prevent accidental triggering
    • Internally-accessible, labeled DIP switches for configuration of:
      • DMX Record mode
      • Contact input type
    • Wait-time to Restore incoming DMX (bypass trigger removed)
    • Internally accessible button for DMX Record (snapshot) with an indicator LED for record action
  • Electrical:
    • Supports 100V to 277V input power, 50/60Hz, 0.2A maximum current
    • Power Input terminals accept two 24–10 AWG solid or stranded wires
    • Grounding Lug accepts 14-2 AWG solid or stranded ground wire
    • Bypass Contact Input supports two 30-12 AWG low-voltage wires with two modes:
      • +12VDC sent from the DEBC through a remote contact (dry)
      • +12VDC to +24VDC sent from the remote device to the DEBC contact (wet)
    • Bypass input configurable as Maintained Normally Open (default) or Maintained Normally Closed
    • DEBC-6 model requires normal/emergency power feed
    • Supports one universe (512 channels) of Digital Multiplexing (DMX) in accordance with ANSI E1.11–2008, USITT DMX512-A:
    • DMX Output and DMX Input terminals for Belden 9729 cable or equivalent
    • Socketed DMX transceiver chip with onboard spare
    • Non-volatile memory for storage of a single recorded scene of 512 channels
    • UL and cUL 924 Listed for emergency lighting applications
    • DEBC-1 passes RDM data in normal mode
    • DEBC-6 passes RDM data through a single passthru output in normal mode
  • Thermal:
    • Ambient room temperature: 32°-104°F (0°-40°C)
    • Ambient humidity: 10-90% non-condensing
  • Physical:
  • Dimensions (H xWxD): 9" x 11" x 2"
  • Weight: 1: 8 lbs
  • Shipping Weight: 8.7 lbs

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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