DiGidot C4 Live 8 Eight Universes 4096 Channels Output Show Controller


Elation Professional has the solution for those situations when you don’t always need recording, play and triggering functions in every lighting installation. The DiGidot C4 Live controller which brings you the same results of the DiGidot C4 Extended, but without those specific features. This model, the DiGidot C4 Live 8 offers you four universes with 4096 channels of output show control. The DiGidot C4 Live is a small but powerful LED controller, that suits all kinds of situations. One device drives more than 6000 single LEDs. Furtermore, it supports 20+ addressable LED drivers and various industry standards. This is all you need in LED and show control! With the built in user interface, the DiGidot C4 is easy to setup trough a web browser.

By using the DiGidot C4s built-in User Interface, the complexity of a lighting installation may never be a limitation as one can easily choose the lighting scene to be displayed. There are several options that come with the playback. You can play/stop a scene and delete it if unnecessary. In addition, scenes can be downloaded and transfered from one C4 to another. Note that scenes are strictly compatible with C4s with identical configurations. When a recording is done with several DiGidot C4s the play button will depict the content on every C4, regardless which C4 is chosen.

The DiGidot C4 LED driver in its essence is a networking device that can be integrated into local networks. There are several benefits to that. Every device within a network has its own unique IP address and name. Therefore, one could easily connect to the C4 and manage the device and its lighting presets. Once connected to a network the content on the DiGidot C4 can also be managed through a 3rd party control system like Crestron or AMX using HTTP GET commands. Nonetheless, if the DiGidot C4 is connected to a local network and you have a mobile device connected wirelessly to the same network you can manage its content from our iOS app.

The DiGidot C4 Live can output to a maximum of 4096 individual LEDs and 1365 RGB LEDs. The LEDs are spread over 4 Outputs, where each can have max. 3 Universes. Lights can be directly connected to the LED driver. The digital Outputs of the DiGidot C4 Live can all have various settings. You can output both the SPI and DMX signal. Being able to directly connect to LED lights allows the creation of more cost efficient lighting installations. Ethernet nodes and switches are no longer a necessity, since the DiGidot C4 combines those features. Several DiGidot C4 devices can be connected together and run the lighting installation as one.

Whether you use Mac or Windows, the responsive HTML5 interface works on all well known platforms, such as Chrome and Safari. With its clean look and clear explanations at every button it has a minimal learning curve. By typing the standard IP address in your web browser the built-in user interface will help you setup the DiGidot C4 according to your project requirements. You can adjust the number of universes, the type of LED (the LED light IC chip) and route them to a preferred output. Are you using multiple DiGidot C4’s daisy-chained or in a network? Name them the way you want and give them a unique IP address to easily recognize them in your project!

Elation DiGidot C4 Live 8 Applications:

  • Dynamic Light Surface
  • Dynamic Tunel Lighting   
  • Stairway Lighting
  • Retail
  • Entertainment
  • Hospitality
  • Facades
  • Special Events

Elation DiGidot C4 Live 8 Features:

  • Output settings: Each of the four digital outputs on the DiGidot C4 can control up to 1024 individually controllable lights in its most ideal setup. That’s up to 4096 individual lights in total. You can freely change the protocol of the outputs, assign universe numbers, change the start address and change the advanced settings of each universe. A couple of the most interesting ones:
    • Adjustable color order
    • Repeat channels
    • Combine channels
    • Multiple dimming curve options
    • Art-Net IP address filtering
  • Merge inputs: When you’re working with a setup using multiple sources of Art-Net input, the DiGidot C4 can merge the two inputs based on a HTP-merge called parallel universe. DiGidot's HTP-merge has proven itself during a live show with 200 Art-Net universes.
  • Extremely efficient infrastructure: Previously someinstallations required multiple Art-Net to DMX nodes and DMX to SPI decoders,where the DiGidot C4 is all of that in one. It replaces 12 Art-Net nodes andSPI decoders. So you can say; less devices, less cabling, lessinstallation time meaning less costs. Furthermore, the DiGidot C4 comes with abuilt in ethernet switch, so you can daisy chain multiple DiGidot C4devices. 

Elation DiGidot C4 Live 8 Specifications:

  • Item Number: DDL012
  • Universes: 8
  • Output Channels: 4096
  • Input Signal: Art-Net, DMX512, DiGidot C4 iOS app
  • Output Signal: Art-Net, DMX512, SPI  
  • Electrical:
    • Input voltage: 5-24V DC
    • Max. power consumption: 5W 
  • Mechanical:
    • Housing: Acrylonitril-butadieen-styreen
    • Size: 6.02 x 2.91 x 1.10 in (153 x 74 x 28mm)
    • Weight: 4.94 oz (140 grams)
    • Mounting: DIN rail or flat surface mount
  • Environmental:
    • Operation temperature: 32 to 122 °F / 0 to 50 °C
    • Operating relative Humidity: 90% indoor use only
    • Warranty: 2 years
  • Protection:
    • Power: Reverse polarity
    • Digital input / output: Overvoltage protection (max 24V)
    • Analog input: Overvoltage protection (max 30V)
  • Control:
    • Control: Up to 12 Art-Net Universes or 2 DMX universes
    • Channels: Up  to  6144  Art-Net  channels  or  1024  DMX channels
    • Input protocols: Art-Net,  DMX,  DiGidot  IOS  app,  UDP,  HTTP
    • Ethernet or WiFi: GET
    • Output protocols: DMX, DMX TTL
    • Output connector: Pluggable terminal block
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