Lab Gruppen LUCIA® 120/1-70
120W Lab Gruppen Commercial Amp

OUR PART #  LUCIA-120/1-70

Lab Gruppen's LUCIA 120/1-70 incorporates ease of install with 120 W of decentralized power in a compact Energy Star compliant amplifier.

Enhanced flexibility in 70 V installations
Combining premium audio performance with extraordinary flexibility, Lab.gruppen’s innovative LUCIA (Localized Utility Compact Intelligent Amplification) introduces a decentralized approach to AV systems design. Power, limiting, control and I/O are conveniently placed where needed, offering a cost-efficient and scalable solution that often eliminates the complications and added costs of a centralized equipment room. All LUCIA amplifiers incorporate a digital, firmware-controlled front end coupled to a robust, durable and highly efficient Lab.gruppen output stage. This model brings the inherent advantages of the LUCIA concept to a range of constant voltage applications.

Fast installation, reliable operation
LUCIA amplifiers install quickly using the supplied wall-mount bracket (for on-wall placement e.g. behind video displays, or on ceilings, or cabinet walls or under tables etc) or on rubber feet on any flat surface. Pole-mount and rack-mount brackets are available as options. All connections are detachable, and level setting is available on front-panel potentiometers as well as via GPI. An advanced protection scheme protects the amplifier and connected loudspeakers from potential damage caused by clipping, thermal overload, or extremely low line voltage. LUCIA’s built-in matrix automatically mixes the balanced and unbalanced inputs with optimized gain structure. Selection or mixing of inputs is accommodated by front panel potentiometers or by configuration of the GPI.

Integrated DSP for enhanced flexibility
All LUCIA models incorporate comprehensive DSP features, including look-ahead limiter and flexible equalization which often eliminate the need for external mixers and processors in many applications – saving time and money. A software wizard facilitates fast set-up via USB, a feature that can this reuse previous set-up files.

Green credentials
LUCIA amplifiers are ENERGY STAR qualified, making them ideal for installation in projects seeking energy efficient certifications. LUCIA amplifiers automatically enter standby mode after a 20 minute period with no signal input, consuming less than 1 watt. Automatic power-up occurs within one second after an input signal is sensed, a feature that often eliminates any need for power sequencers or controllers. If no loss of initial audio is required (e.g. for an important message), a contact closure on GPI-2 can turn on the amplifier before audio playback.

Lab Gruppen LUCIA® 120/1-70 Features:

  • Designed for constant voltage applications – 1 x 120W into 70 V/100 V1
  • Built-in 2x1 matrix – Mix two sources to mono or usefor source selection
  • Comprehensive DSP features – Per channel presets forhigh-pass filter, parametric EQ, multi-band compressor, and look-ahead limiter
  • Automatic Dynamic Loudness Contouring™ – DSPautomatically adapts to optimize performance at any output level
  • Optimized presets – Available for specificloudspeaker models
  • Configuration software – Windows and Mac softwarewizard for initial set-up (connection via USB)
  • GPIO – Remote control for output level and instantwake from sleep mode as default; other options possible via the configurationsoftware
  • Compact form factor – Half-rack, 1U chassis andsupplied bracket for flexible mounting
  • Efficient Class D amplifier – Patented design for lowdistortion and minimal heat dissipation
  • Fail-safe operation – Comprehensive short circuit,thermal and under-voltage protection
  • Intelligent fan control – Silent at idle andextremely quiet at low output levels
  • Selectable high-pass filter – Rear switches forON/OFF and 50 Hz or 80 Hz filter; this is in series with the customizableinput and output EQs (which are flat from the factory)
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified* – Conforms to latest energyefficiency standards
    • *Note: The peak voltage is 100 V, but the look-ahead limiter solution ensures that it cannot clip, so in real life use with music or speech it will typically be able to sustain a higher SPL in 100 V applications than 100 V amplifiers with higher peak voltage capability as the amplifier have the capacity to handle peaks way beyond “clip” without soundingharsh.

Lab Gruppen LUCIA® 120/1-70 Specifications:

  • General:
    • Number of amplifier channels: 1
    • Max total output all channels driven: 120 W
    • Max output voltage: 100
    • Max output current: 3.5
  • Performance:
    • 70 V: 120
    • 100 V(1): 60
    • 16 ohms: 120
  • Gain, Sensitivity and Limiters:
    • VPL: 100
    • Sensitivity, balanced input: 4 dBu / 1.23 Vrms
    • Sensitivity, RCA input: -2 dBu / 0.62 Vrms
    • Input headroom for clip, balanced 2: 12 dBu / 3.09 Vrms
    • Input headroom for clip, RCA 2: 6 dBu / 1.55 Vrms
  • Connectors and Switches:
    • Input connectors (per ch.): 3 - pin detachable screw terminals, electronically balanced
    • Input connectors (ch. 1 & 2): Unbalanced RCA type
    • Output connector: 2 - pin detachable screw terminal
    • GPI 3: 2 channels of voltage sense type. 4 pins in a detachable screw terminal.
      • Default functionality is output level for GPI1 and wake up from stand by for GPI2.
    • GPO (power control input) 3: Contact closure type, 2 pins in a detachable screw terminal.
      • Default for external monitoring of fault / protection/power off
    • USB: For firmware update and configuration of the signal processing and altering the default functions of the GPI ports
    • Cooling: One fan, no filter required, front to rear airflow, temperature controlled speed.
      • Can stay off if the sustained power average stays below 12 W and the ambient temperature is below 25° C
    • Auto mode: The power state is controled automatically by the audio signal
    • Level adjustment (per input): Front panel potentiometer, detented from -inf to 0 dB
  • Power:
    • Nominal voltage: 100 – 240 VAC
    • Operating voltage: 85 – 265 VAC
    • Standby consumption: <1 W
    • Mains connector: EC inlet
    • Dimensions (WxHxD): 216 mm x 44 mm x 280 mm (8.5" x 1U x 11")
    • Weight: 1.9 kg (4.2 lbs.)
    • Finish: Black aluminum front and back steel chassis
    • Approvals: CE, CSA, CCC, PSE, FCC, Energy Star
    • Warranty: 3 years, components and factory workmanship. See full warranty statement.

1: The peak voltage is 100 V, but the look-ahead limiter solution ensures that it cannot clip, so in real life use with music or speech it will typically be able to sustain a higher SPL in 100 V applications than 100 V amplifiers with higher peak voltage capability as the amplifier have the capacity to handle peaks way beyond “clip” without sounding harsh.
2: An analog soft limit will be engaged on the input above this level to reduce the clip distortion.
3: Can be configured for different functionality via USB.

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