Yamaha TF5
Digital Mixing Console with 33 Motorized Faders and 32 XLR-1/4" Combo Inputs


The Yamaha TF5 is 48 input digital mixing console with 33 motorized faders and 32 XLR-1/4" combo inputs that is part of their TF Series of live digital mixing consoles.

Yamaha built the TF series from their existing base of acclaimed high-end mixer interfaces, adding intuitive control in an interface optimized for the type of touch panel control that has become a familiar feature in a wide range of applications. Allowing most operations to be carried out via the touch panel alone, the innovative TF series interface will quickly become second nature to a broad spectrum of users. Whether you have experience with Yamaha digital consoles, work with other digital consoles, operate analog consoles, or have never operated a mixer before, TF consoles will lead you to the desired results quickly and effortlessly through a smooth, efficient workflow. The availability of physical controls surrounding the touch panel further enhances control versatility and precision.

Touch Operation for Intimate Control - The TF user interface offers a smooth workflow that can be an advantage in any mixing situation. The display content has been specifically designed for easy, direct accessibility, with a layout that promotes the most natural, efficient mixing. Touch panel operation is as easy as shaping the sound with your fingertips.

Touch & Turn Knob Offers Extra Control Precision - When you need extra precision for a fine EQ or other adjustment, the physical Touch & Turn knob is always available right beside the touch panel. There are also four User Defined Knobs below the panel that can be assigned to control compressor threshold, EQ gain, or other parameters you need fast, direct access to while mixing. The knobs always affect the currently selected channel.

Traditional Overview and Selected Channel Interfaces - Like the CL series consoles, operation is based around Overview and Selected Channel windows. The overview display shows the parameters for eight channels at a time, while the Touch & Turn knob provides direct access to gain, 1-knob EQ™, 1-knob COMP™, gate threshold, effect send level, pan, and other parameters. Touch the highlighted parameter a second time to switch to the Selected Channel display when you need access to detailed parameters for finer control.

Effective gain, compressor, and EQ setup requires a considerable degree of skill and experience - even for veteran engineers. In addition to their intuitive user interfaces, TF consoles include a number of features that contribute to faster, more reliable setup of these essential parameters.

1-knob COMP™ & 1-knob EQ™: One Knob to Dial In the Ideal Sound - An experienced engineer can do a lot with a compressor: bring a guitar to life, add punch to bass, tighten up a snare, and make vocals ride clearly on the mix. The 1-knob COMP can do all of this quickly and easily, without the need to juggle multiple parameters to achieve the desired effect. Originally introduced in Yamaha analog mixers, the 1-knob COMP quickly became a popular and valued feature. It has now been further refined in a digital version that adds new setup ease and efficiency to the TF consoles.

The same concept has been applied in a 1-knob EQ feature that provides improved speed and smooth operation. 1-knob EQ has been fine-tuned by Yamaha, to ensure that you can achieve outstanding results with minimum effort. A Vocal Mode makes it easier than ever to achieve a clear, well-defined vocal sound, while an Intensity Mode offers 1-knob “intensity” control over EQ curves you either select from the presets or create from scratch. But there’s more: the 1-knob COMP and 1-knob EQ are provided on the output channels too, so you can quickly achieve overall output compression or EQ that ideally matches the room and audience size. The output 1-knob EQ has a Loudness Mode in place of the Vocal Mode, effectively increasing the sound pressure level while maintaining optimum sound as you rotate the knob. Both the 1-knob COMP and 1-knob EQ provide quick access to the full compressor and EQ displays, so you can fine tune settings as required.

GainFinder™ Supports Precision Gain Setup - Gain is the first adjustment the input signal sees, and the way it is set up influences how subsequent parameters will affect the signal. Yamaha's GainFinder feature facilitates optimum gain setup for individual input signals so that ideal overall operation and signal quality is achieved. The user only has to set channel gain so that the central green indicator in the level meter remains lit for the longest possible time. Of course the level meters also perform their traditional function, so standard gain setup procedure can be followed if preferred.

The familiar Yamaha scene memory that stores mix settings for instant recall when needed is included, as always. There’s also a range of channel presets that have been created in cooperation with leading microphone manufacturers and eminent sound engineers, providing starting points that take you a long way towards achieving great sound. The channel presets cover parameters such as HA gain, EQ, dynamics, and more - right down to details like channel name and color. Less time is spent on setup so that more time is available for refining the mix and communicating with performers.

QuickPro Presets™ Provide Instant Access to Pro Sound Setups - Working with microphone manufacturers such as Audio-Technica, Sennheiser and Shure - and evaluating a large number of microphones, musical instruments, speaker systems, and in-ear monitors - Yamaha created a range of shortcuts to great sound that would be effective in a wide variety of live-sound situations. Armed with these practical presets even the novice engineer can get very close to the ideal sound, while experienced engineers will appreciate the significant time savings they can provide starting points for further adjustments.

The QuickPro Presets can be searched by instrument type and recalled quickly and easily. The 1-knob EQ and 1-knob COMP can be used with QuickPro Presets, providing a super streamlined way to tweak the sound. The output channel preset library includes parameter sets optimized for Yamaha powered speakers, with several variations to match different environments and room sizes. Presets are provided for in-ear monitors, too. All of these can be used as is when time is tight, but they are also great starting points for manual fine tuning. Setups created from the presets or from scratch can be saved as additional presets, too.

Two Scene Memory Banks - The scene memory features banks A and B, each capable of holding up to 100 scenes. That’s a total of 200 scenes that can be set up and instantly recalled whenever needed. A number of scenes are pre-programmed to give users a head start. Scenes with the 1-knob COMP and 1-knob EQ controls are engaged for the easiest possible operation, and scenes with the 1-knob features disabled for experienced engineers who might want to follow an established procedure. The banks are great for organizing different types of scenes - for example, one for scenes categorized by music type, and the other by event type.

The TF series hardware is packed with features that contribute to its operability and convenience. Faders, knobs, and buttons with outstanding fit and feel work seamlessly with state-of-the-art display technology, including high-visibility channel name and color displays. The touch panel itself offers an ideal blend of comprehensive visual feedback and fast response.

Comprehensive Fader Bank section - Two INPUT banks and one OUTPUT bank are provided, and the GROUP bank can be selected by pressing both the INPUT bank buttons simultaneously. The GROUP bank allows the levels of multiple channels to be controlled from a single DCA fader. There’s also a CUSTOM fader bank where you can assign any input, output, and DCA group to any fader.

DCA Roll-out Enhances Group Control - When the GROUP fader bank is selected, all faders other than DCA masters 1 through 8 function as Roll-out faders. Selecting one of the DCA groups instantly “rolls out” the input channels belonging to that group to the Roll-out faders. This useful function makes it easy to adjust the level and other parameters of individual channels while using the eight DCA faders for overall mixing.

Channel Name and Color - A display panel located above each channel fader shows the assigned channel name or ID, the port name, and the current fader setting. Phantom power status as well as gate and comp operation can also be displayed. A color bar that shows the assigned channel color makes visual navigation a breeze, and prevents confusion when fader banks are changed or scenes are recalled.

Faders Provide a Clear View of All Inputs - The TF5 has 33 motor faders, the TF3 has 25, and the TF1 has 17.All rear-panel inputs have individual faders so their status can be verified at a glance and they can be directly and immediately accessed for control.

SENDS ON FADER section - The SENDS ON FADER buttons instantly bring the specified AUX or FX bus levels up on the faders for easy verification and adjustment. When a SENDS ON FADER button is engaged the MASTER fader acts as the master for the corresponding bus, so AUX levels can be checked and controlled without having to switch fader banks.

Recallable D-PRE™ Microphone Preamplifiers - The TF series consoles feature new recallable versions of Yamaha’s acclaimed D-PRE microphone preamplifier. The preamplifiers, or head amplifiers in any console play a significant role in defining the sound of the final mix, so Yamaha refined the D-PRE design to ensure that every nuance and subtlety of the original signal is effectively captured. The circuit is based on a discrete inverted Darlington pair configuration that achieves clean, precise amplification with consistently low noise and distortion at all signal levels. While some microphone preamps are built specifically to impart a unique character of their own, the D-PRE preamplifier has been painstakingly designed with a flat, wide frequency response that retains the tone and nuance of the original sound so that the essence of the performer’s art is captured intact.

Powerful Processors and Effects - In addition to EQ and two dynamics processors on each channel, the TF consoles offer eight powerful processors for wide-ranging sonic control. The globally accessible FX 1 and 2 feature the same type of SPX processors that have become standards in recording and live sound applications, offering 17 programs ranging from reverb and delay through modulation effects such as flanger and chorus to 3-band multiband compression.

The panel EDIT key opens the effect parameter display where detailed parameters such as reverb time and delay feedback can be adjusted as required. The remaining six processors are available in the AUX 9/10~19/20 master channels. All effects other than reverb are provided.* Multiband compression is ideal for in-ear monitor level control, delay can be used for speaker alignment, and much more. And since these AUX buses can be sent to the main stereo bus, the effects can be used to supplement the available input channel processing when FX 1 and 2 aren’t quite enough. The AUX 1~8 buses and main output channels include the same 4-band parametric EQ as provided on the input channels, plus 31-band Flex12 GEQ. Both types of EQ are invaluable for optimizing speaker response and eliminating feedback.* Reverb is available for AUX 9/10 and 11/12.

A Versatile Live Recording and Playback Solution for Any Application - Live recording capability is becoming increasingly important in live sound systems. From simple 2-track recording and playback using a USB storage device* to all-out multitrack recording with a computer based DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), the TF series is ready to roll. TF consoles come supplied with Steinberg’s Cubase AI DAW application, providing an easy way to simultaneously record up to 16 tracks to a computer connected to the console via USB 2.0. For more complex recording requirements an optional DAW such as Steinberg’s Nuendo Live application allows up to 34 tracks to be recorded simultaneously.MP3 and WAV files can be played back from USB storage devices, and audio from an iPhone or iPad can be played back via a direct digital connection. When playing back from a DAW, analog input or DAW input can be individually selected for each channel so that pre-recorded material can be mixed with live input for virtual sound checks or rehearsals. BGM and sound effects can be played back, too.

*Please refer to Yamaha's website for compatible hard disks.

Yamaha TF5 Features:

  • 33 motor faders (32 channels + 1 master)
  • 48 input mixing channels (40 mono + 2 stereo + 2 return)
  • 20 Aux (8 mono + 6 stereo) + Stereo + Sub buses
  • 8 DCA groups with Roll-out
  • 32 analog XLR/TRS combo mic/line inputs + 2 analog RCA pin stereo line inputs
  • 16 analog XLR outputs
  • 34 x 34 digital record/playback channels via USB 2.0+ 2 x 2 via a USB storage device
  • 1 expansion slot for NY64-D audio interface card

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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