Korg KO2S
kaossilator 2 Dynamic Phrase Synthesizer


The palm-sized synthesizer, kaossilator 2, has now been intensified. Announcing the newly evolved kaossilator 2S ("S" stands for Sound on Sound), a great tool for serious music production.

Use the touchpad to perform intuitively, the loop recorder to keep overdubbing, then export your recorded phrases to Ableton Live and polish them into a song! With undo/redo functions and support for exporting as multi-track data or in Ableton Live format, the kaossilator 2S means that serendipitous phrases and sudden ideas can be seamlessly used in song production.

Korg kaossilator 2 Includes:

  • Owner’s manual
  • Two AA batteries (for verifying operation)
  • Ableton Live 9 Lite (license card included)

Korg kaossilator 2 Features:

  • A synthesizer that lets you use the touchpad to perform freely
  • 150 sound programs that meet the needs of every dance music style
  • Loop recorder that lets you intuitively overdub phrases, with undo/redo
  • A new workflow with Ableton Live lets you export data in a variety of formats
  • Ableton Live Lite is also included
  • Battery operation and a built-in speaker let you play anytime and anywhere

Korg kaossilator 2 Specifications:

  • Programs: 150
  • Program Categories: Lead (25), Acoustic (10), Bass (30), Chord (25), SE (20), Drum (15), Drum Pattern (25)
  • Scales: 35
  • Key Range: ±12
  • Gate Arpeggio Pattern: 50
  • Sampling Frequency: 48kHz
  • AD/DA Conversion: 24-bit linear
  • Input Connectors: MIC IN jack (Stereo 1/8” miniphone jack)
  • Output Connectors: Phones jack (stereo mini jacktype)
  • Data Storage: microSD card (512MB - 2GB), microSDHC card ( - 16GB)
    • *SDXC card cannot be used.
  • Power Supply: Two AA batteries (alkaline or nickelmetal hydride batteries), Optional AC adapter (DC 4.5V)
  • Battery Life: Approx. 5 hours (with POWERSAVING: ON, with Nickel-Metal Hydride battery)
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 2.99” x 5.04” x 0.98” (76 x 128 x 25 mm)
  • Weight: 100 g (3.53 oz.)(without batteries)
  • Accessories: Owner’s manual, two AA batteries (for verifying operation), Ableton Live 9 Lite (license card included)
  • Options: AC adapter (DC 4.5V)

Recommended microSD/SDHC cards (as of January 2015)

  • Panasonic:
    • 8GB: RP-SMGA08GJK
    • 16GB: RP-SMGA16GJK
  • Toshiba:
    • 8GB: MU-B008GX
    • 16GB: MU-B016GX
  • Sandisk:
    • 8GB: SDSDQXP-008G-J35
    • 16GB: SDSDQ-016G-J35A
  • Transcend:
    • 8GB: TS8GUSDHC10
    • 16GB: TS16GUSDHC10
  • Lexar:
  • Kingston:
    • 16GB: SDC4/16GB
  • pqi:
    • 8GB: BMRSDH10-8G
    • 16GB: BMRSDH10-16G
  • Notes:
    • Even with identical model numbers, operation may differ depending on the date of production. We do not guarantee that you will be able to perform all operations.
    • If a large numbers of files are saved on the microSD/SDHC card or if the card is used for an extended time, you may experience problems such as a decline in the data writing and reading speed, or dropouts in the display or the sound.
    • Please format the microSD/SDHC card on this devise before use. Cards that have been previously formatted by other devises, such as a computer, may not work properly.
    • The class listed on the microSDHC card does not affect the reading/writing speed of the card when used with this device.

Program List

  • Lead: LD.001 Wide Dist Lead, LD.002 Pulse Verb,LD.003 Unison Saw, LD.004 Reverse Sine, LD.005 Bleep Lead, LD.006 AirSpectrum, LD.007 Paz Square, LD.008 Acid Rez Lead, LD.009 Ring Flutter, LD.010Synth Lead, LD.011 PWM Lead, LD.012 8bit Square, LD.013 Syn Decay, LD.014 5thLead, LD.015 Square Lead, LD.016 Unison Lead, LD.017 SinePortamento, LD.018Square Bell, LD.019 Soft Lead, LD.020 Orange Lead, LD.021 Ambient Lead, LD.022Mini Lead, LD.023 Tell Min, LD.024 Sync Lead, LD.025 Unison Sweep
  • Acoustic: AC.026 Ray EP, AC.027 Trumpet, AC.028 Kalimba, AC.029 Duo Strings, AC.030 Piano, AC.031 Tape Flute, AC.032 Digerido, AC.033 Dist Guitar, AC.034 Harmonica, AC.035 Phase Clav
  • Bass: BS.036 House Bass, BS.037 Duck Bass, BS.038 Hoover Bass, BS.039 Dist Bass, BS.040 Wobble Bass, BS.041 Slow Bass, BS.042 Squ Rez Bass, BS.043 Pure Saw, BS.044 Motion Bass, BS.045 Auto OctBass, BS.046 Elec Bass, BS.047 XMod Bass, BS.048 Synth Bass, BS.049 ValveBass, BS.050 Talkin Bass, BS.051 Feed Y Bass, BS.052 Organ Bass, BS.053 SimpleBass, BS.054 MG Bass, BS.055 Square Bass, BS.056 Fat Bass, BS.057 Slap Bass,BS.058 Chorus Bass, BS.059 Bad Bass, BS.060 Big Bass, BS.061 Kick Bass, BS.062 Acid Bass, BS.063 Boost Bass, BS.064 Ring Bass, BS.065 Fall Bass
  • Chord: CH.066 Pulse Code, CH.067 Tech Kode,CH.068 Pump Chord, CH.069 Guitar Strum, CH.070 Scale Chord, CH.071 kasCode,CH.072 Dream Sine, CH.073 OSCode, CH.074 Piano Chord, CH.075 HPF Code Seq,CH.076 EP Chord, CH.077 PWM Chord, CH.078 Electro Stab, CH.079 Pad Chord,CH.080 Arpeggio Down, CH.081 Arpeggio Alt, CH.082 Power Chord, CH.083 SideChain, CH.084 Filter Chord, CH.085 Wurly Chord, CH.086 Guitar Chord, CH.0872039, CH.088 BPF Chord, CH.089 Sine Chord, CH.090 Phaser Chord
  • SE: SE.091 Pump Noise, SE.092 Disco Siren,SE.093 Guitar Elements, SE.094 Itch Noiz, SE.095 Resonate, SE.096 Helicopter,SE.097 Orch Hit, SE.098 Rise/Fall, SE.099 HPF Square, SE.100 Kaoss Drone,SE.101 Sync Random, SE.102 Noise Filter, SE.103 Metal, SE.104 Siren, SE.105Random, SE.106 Beam Saber, SE.107 Synth Looper, SE.108 Ring Mod SFX, SE.109Sweep, SE.110 Drop
  • Drum: DR.111 House Kit, DR.112 Disco Kit, DR.113Techno Kit, DR.114 Minimal Kit, DR.115 HipHop Kit, DR.116 Breakbeat Kit,DR.117 Dubstep Kit, DR.118 Rock Kit, DR.119 Doncamatic Kit, DR.120 ElectricKit, DR.121 Tom Kit, DR.122 Clap Kit, DR.123 Conga Kit, DR.124 Cymbal Kit,DR.125 Reverse Kit
  • Drum Patterns:  PT.126 House 1, PT.127 House 2, PT.128 Deep House,PT.129 Electro House, PT.130 Techno, PT.131 Minimal 1, PT.132 Minimal 2,PT.133 HipHop 1, PT.134 HipHop 2, PT.135 Breaks 1, PT.136 Breaks 2, PT.137Dubstep 1, PT.138 Dubstep 2, PT.139 Drum'n'Bass, PT.140 Rock 1, PT.141 Rock 2,PT.142 Disco, PT.143 Bossa, PT.144 Doncamatic, PT.145 Lofi Beatz, PT.146 ElecPerc, PT.147 Backbeat, PT.148 NoKick, PT.149 HiHat, PT.150 Conga
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