Clear-Com PS702
2 Channel Intercom Power Supply


The PS-702 can supply up to 2 amps at 30 volts DC to two channels in a 1-RU. This is sufficient to power up to 40 beltpacks, 10 speaker stations, or 12 headset stations even under the most demanding conditions. Either channel is capable of supplying up to 1.2 amps. The full current capacity may be divided between the two channels.

Clear-Com's advanced fail-safe design can sense the difference between a short and an overload. Should a problem occur, each channel's DC overload/fault LED identifies the power supply's response to the problem: solid means an overload is sensed, but still powered; blinking means power has been temporarily cut off to protect the power supply. If both channels are operating and one channel has a fault, the other channel will continue to operate normally. Power is restored to the shorted or overloaded channel in a little as .5 seconds. With our exclusive Intelligent Fault/Overload Sensing (IFOS), the PS-702 will dynamically increase this time period before attempting another reset until the fault or overload is corrected. This function significantly extends component life. And there is no need to disconnect stations for the power supply to reset.

The unit also offers a convenient front panel intercom line jack, switchable to either channel. This can be quite handy for trouble-shooting or simply a time saver when quick access to either intercom line is needed. A 440Hz tone is available on either or both channels and is indispensable for system diagnostics and set-up. Simply flip a switch, set a level, and go.

Like all current Clear-Com Party-Line power supplies, two or more units can be connected in parallel for increased system capacity or backup redundancy. Multiple units will automatically synchronize their response to power faults and overloads. The PS-702 can also operate as a singlechannel unit by using the front-panel A+B link switch.

Clear-Com PS702 Features:

  • Provides up to 2 amps in only 1RU
  • Supports up to 40 beltpacks, 10 speaker stations or 12 headset stations
  • Exclusive IFOS Intelligent Fault/Overload Sensing for system reset
  • Front panel intercom line jack selectable for either channel
  • A+B Link switch for single channel operation
  • Balanced program input with global and individual channel controls
  • Universal power supply accepts 100-240 VAC
  • Overload/fault indicator for each channel
  • Built-in test tone generator for set up and diagnostics
  • Switchable terminations for each channel
  • Works in parallel with other power supplies and main stations
  • UL Listed and CE certified

Clear-Com PS702 Specifications:

  • Program Line Input
    • Maximum Level before Clipping: >= 20dBu
    • Input Impedance: >= 5K ohms < /UL>
    • Frequency Response
      • Program Input - Party Line: 200 - 20KHz ± 3dB
    • Max Distortion
      • Program Input - Party Line: <= 0.2% < /UL>
      • Noise
        • Program Mic Input - Party Line:< -70dBu
      • Max Gain
        • Program Input - Party Line: >= -16dB < /UL>
        • Min Gain
          • Program Input - Party Line: <= -20dB < /UL>
          • Mains Power
            • Input Voltage Range: 100 - 240 VAC
            • Input FrequencyRange: 50 - 60 Hz
            • Input Power: <= 60 VAC
            • Output Voltage: 30 VDC ±0.5V
            • Output Current per Channel (Continuous): 1.2 A
            • Output Current perChannel (Peak): 2 A (Do not exceed the 1.2A rating for more than 2 seconds per 1 minute period)
            • Short Circuit Recovery Time (1st short): <= 0.5sec
            • Short Circuit Recovery Time: >= 20 shorts in 20sec) <= 20 sec < /UL>
            • Station Capacity
              • Up to 40 RS-601 beltpacks or 10 speaker stations or 12 headset stations distributed over both channels
            • Rear Panel Connectors
              • Intercom: (6) XLR-3M (3 per channel)
              • Program:(1) XLR-3F
              • AC Power: IEC 320 connector
            • Rear Panel Controls
              • (2) Termination On-Off switches
              • (1) Volume control
            • Front Panel Connectors
              • Intercom (1) XLR-3M
            • Front Panel Controls & Indicators
              • (1) Intercom channel switch
              • (1) A+B link switch
              • (2) Program switch
              • (2) Send level controls
              • (1) Test tone switch
              • (2) Overload LEDs
              • (1) Link indicatorLED
              • (1) Power indicator LED
              • (1) Power switch
            • Environmental: 32° - 122°F
            • Dimensions (W x H x D): 19" x 1.75" x 7.5"
            • Weight: 6.16 lbs
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