ProRack House Mixer H1020


APB-DynaSonics' ProRack™ small-format mixers incorporate a wealth of professional features and exceptional performance into 10 rack spaces. The chassis design features an adjustable connector assembly that freely rotates and be set to three different angles relative to the front panel. This allows the input and output jacks to be properly positioned whether the mixers are mounted in a vertical rack, slant rack or used on a desk top.

ProRack's audio design is based on our critically acclaimed Spectra Series consoles. This includes the use of minimum phase-shift circuitry, expressive EQ and integrated mic preamplifiers, both used in a proprietary front end circuit. In addition to superior audio quality, reliability and serviceability are also primary design criteria for ProRack. Internal construction is based upon a passive mother board and multiple active daughter boards. The active electronics of a single input channel is designed onto two field-replaceable electronics modules. The power supply is a plug-in assembly that can be easily field-replaced by removing 6 screws. Special care has been taken to reduce RF interference and eliminate any Pin-1 related problems.

Both the ProRack-House (H1020) and ProRack-Monitor (M1016) have 16 total input channels. The house version has 12 mono input channels and 4 dual-mono/stereo input channels (20 mic preamps in total); while the monitor version is fitted with mono inputs for all 16 channels. The mono input channels of each model share the same Input and EQ circuitry and controls: 48 volt phantom power switch, Mic/Line switch, Mic Pad switch, and polarity reverse switch.

Variable frequency high-pass filters are included on all input channels (Mono and Stereo) with a 20Hz to 400Hz sweep range at a 12dB per octave attenuation rate. Other available rack mixers only incorporate fixed-frequency high-pass filters offering a single cut-off point. The ProRack variable frequency filter, as those found on most large format consoles, enables detailed, tunable control for the removal of unwanted frequencies such as stage rumble and low frequency signal leakage.

The ProRack Mono input channels incorporate fixed high and low frequency EQ bands and two mid-sweep EQ bands with one-octave bandwidth. This EQ includes an EQ On switch with LED. The Stereo channels of the H1020 feature fixed high and low frequency EQ bands and a single mid-sweep EQ based on that same Spectra circuitry.

The ProRack-House (H1020) offers 6 aux send controls; each pair of sends switchable between a pre or post fader source. In the pre-fader position, an additional front panel switch determines if that pre-fader signal is derived pre or post EQ. Aux controls 5 and 6 may be switched to become a stereo pair with Aux pot 5 becoming the pan control to buses 5-6, while Aux pot 6 controls the overall level of the pair. All Auxiliary mixes have TRS bus input and insert connectors, and XLR balanced output connectors.

On the ProRack-House, the operator can assign the channels to Left-Right, Center and Mono mix buses and to analog subgroups 1-2 and 3-4. Large, internally illuminated Mute and PFL switches are provided along with 6-segment LED metering and high quality 100mm faders; the same type used in the Spectra series consoles. Each of the four main buses has TRS bus input and insert connectors, and XLR balanced outputs. The Left, Right, Center and Mono outputs may be individually switched from their normal output level (+4dBu) to mic level (-25dBu) to increase the versatility of the unit in rental applications or when a microphone-level signal is the only way to feed a sound system.

The ProRack-Monitor (M1016) is unique in that it can create 8 Stereo mixes PLUS 2 Mono mixes all from a 10-space rack-mount mixer. The input and EQ sections are identical to the Mono input channels of the ProRack-House with the added feature of a passive input-splitter system with Pin-1 lift switch. In most applications, this enables adding a ProRack-Monitor into a sound system without the need of an expensive external splitter system.

All eight stereo mixes are generated from the input channels using rotary controls for level and small, horizontally-mounted slide faders (with center-detent) for panning. Two additional mono mixes on rotary controls are provided that can be sourced pre or post the channel's main level control. Each channel also includes separate, internally illuminated Mute and PFL switches and 6-segment LED meters.

Stereo outputs are fitted with 60mm high-quality faders, separate left & right LED metering, internally illuminated Mute and AFL switches and a separate stereo return input. The stereo return can be used for effects return into a mix, bus expansion or as input for click-track or pre-recorded instrument tracks. Each of the 18 outputs (8 stereo mixes and 2 mono mixes) have XLR balanced connectors and insert points on TRS connectors. The eight stereo return inputs (via 16 TRS connectors) feed the return fader located next to each of the output faders.

* Adjustable connector assembly freely rotates and can be set to three different angles relative to the front panel

* Minimum phase shift circuitry, expressive EQ and integrated mic preamps for exceptional audio quality and performance

* Variable frequency high-pass filters on all input channels for detailed, tunable control

* Mono input channels incorporate fixed high and low frequency EQ bands and two mid-sweep EQ bands with one-octave bandwidth

* ProRack-Monitor can create 8 Stereo mixes PLUS 2 Mono mixes all from a 10-space rack-mount mixer

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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