Empire Scientific BLI153-1.5C
Battery, Rechargeable, for Sony NPF330, LI-ION, 14.4V, 1900mAh

OUR PART #  BLI153-1.5C

  • Type: Lithium Ion
  • Power: 14.4 Volts, 1900mAh
  • 1 year warranty


  • Duracell DR5
  • Hitachi VMNP720
  • Kyocera BPF550, BPF750
  • Nikon NP500
  • Ricoh NP500
  • Sony NP500, NP510, NP520, NP530, NP720, NP730, NP930, NPF330, NPF500, NPF500H, NPF530, NPF550, NPF550J, NPF570, NPF750, NPF750SP, NPF770, NPF930, NPF950, NPF960
  • Yashica BPV1

This battery can be used in these models:

  • Hitachi VMH100LA
  • Kyocera KXV10
  • Nikon VN720, VN730
  • Polaroid PR530L
  • Ricoh R87H
  • Sears 58828, 58848, 58878
  • Sony BCV500, BCV615, CCD101, CCD2200E, CCD2300, CCD280PK, CCD290PK, CCD300, CCD315, CCD315E, CCD317, CCD36, CCD37, CCD37E, CCD412E, CCD413, CCD414, CCD416, CCD417, CCD417E, CCD427, CCD427E, CCD43, CCD45K, CCD46, CCD46E, CCD47, CCD48, CCD48E, CCD49, CCD500, CCD51, CCD511E, CCD512E, CCD515E, CCD516E, CCD517, CCD55, CCD555, CCD55E, CCD56E, CCD57, CCD57E, CCD59, CCD59E, CCD610, CCD617E, CCD618, CCD618E, CCD61E, CCD620, CCD63, CCD64E, CCD65, CCD65E, CCD66, CCD66E, CCD66K, CCD67E, CCD68, CCD71, CCD710, CCD713E, CCD715, CCD716, CCD717E, CCD718, CCD718E, CCD72, CCD720, CCD728E, CCD730E, CCD75, CCD760E, CCD78E, CCD80PK, CCD81, CCD818, CCD82, CCD840E, CCD845E, CCD85K, CCD86PK, CCD87, CCD87E, CCD90, CCD91, CCD913E, CCD918E, CCD91E, CCD92, CCD93, CCD930, CCD93E, CCD940, CCD94E, CCD950E, CCD95E, CCD95K, CCD98E, CCD99, CCDRV100, CCDRV200, CCDSC5, CCDSC55, CCDSC5E, CCDSC6, CCDSC7, CCDSC7E, CCDSC9, CCDTR1, CCDTR11, CCDTR1100E, CCDTR12, CCDTR18, CCDTR18E, CCDTR197, CCDTR1E, CCDTR2, CCDTR200, CCDTR215, CCDTR3, CCDTR3100E, CCDTR311E, CCDTR3200E, CCDTR3300, CCDTR3300E, CCDTR411E, CCDTR415E, CCDTR425E, CCDTR511, CCDTR516, CCDTR57, CCDTR617, CCDTR640E, CCDTR67, CCDTR717, CCDTR728, CCDTR76, CCDTR810E, CCDTR87, CCDTR910, CCDTR917, CCDTR97, CCDTRV15, CCDTRV16, CCDTRV16E, CCDTRV201, CCDTRV215, CCDTRV25, CCDTRV27E, CCDTRV3000, CCDTRV315, CCDTRV35, CCDTRV4, CCDTRV41, CCDTRV416, CCDTRV47E, CCDTRV5, CCDTRV517, CCDTRV54E, CCDTRV58, CCDTRV615, CCDTRV62, CCDTRV65, CCDTRV67, CCDTRV728, CCDTRV78, CCDTRV815, CCDTRV85, CCDTRV88, CCDTRV9, CCDTRV900, CCDTRV93, CCDTRV930, CCDTRV95, CCDTRV98, CCR3000, CCRTR2300E, CRX10U, CVXV18NS, CVXV18NSP, DCMM1, DCR1000E, DCR110, DCR110E, DCR110K, DCR120E, DCR125E, DCR130E, DCR2000, DCR210, DCR2100, DCR2100E, DCR210E, DCR220K, DCR310K, DCR315, DCR320E, DCR520, DCR520E, DCR525, DCR620K, DCR7000E, DCR7100E, DCR720, DCR720E, DCR8100E, DCR820E, DCR820K, DCR900E, DCR935K, DCRSC100, DCRTR7000, DCRTR8000E, DCRTRU47E, DCRTRV103, DCRTRV120, DCRTRV130, DCRTRV203, DCRTRV310E, DCRTRV320, DCRTRV420E, DCRTRV49E, DCRTRV5, DCRTRV510, DCRTRV58E, DCRTRV620E, DCRTRV7, DCRTRV735K, DCRTRV820, DCRTRV9, DCRTRV900, DCRTV900, DCRTV900E, DCRVX1000, DCRVX2000, DCRVX2000E, DCRVX2100, DCRVX700, DCRVX9000, DKC1D, DKCFP3, DSCCD250, DSCCD400, DSCD700, DSCD770, DSCT3, DSR100A, DSR100AP, DSR100P, DSR170, DSR170P, DSR200, DSR300, DSRPD100, DSRPD100A, DSRPD150, DSRV10, DSRV10P, DV500, EVO250, GVA100, GVA500, GVA500E, GVA700, GVD200, GVD300, GVD800, GVD900, HDRFX1, HDRFX1E, HDRFX7, HVL20DW2, HVR10E, HVR10N, HVR10P, HVR10U, HVRM10C, HVRZ1C, HVRZ1U, MPKDVF4, MVC83K, MVC88K, MVCCD1000, MVCFD100, MVCFD200, MVCFD5, MVCFD51, MVCFD7, MVCFD71, MVCFD73, MVCFD73K, MVCFD75, MVCFD81, MVCFD83, MVCFD85, MVCFD87, MVCFD88, MVCFD90, MVCFD91, MVCFD92, MVCFD95, MVCFD97, MVCFDR1, MVCR1E, MVCR3, MVCR3E, PBDD50, PBDV30, PLM100, PLM50, PLMA35, PLMA55, Q002HDR1, UPX2000, UPXC21, VCLES06A
  • Yashica KXV1U
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