Telex TR800-71306XXX
UHF Wireless Beltpack Transceiver

OUR PART #  TR800-71306XXX

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Two channel UHF frequency agile wireless beltpack for use with the BTR-800. All metal cast magnesium case, an LCD based graphical user interface, stage announce activation, wireless talk around (ISO) activation, Enhanced ClearScan™, Detachable antennas and an auto-sensing headset connector that automatically switches between electret and dynamic headset mics.

Telex TR800-71306XXX Features:

  • Frequency agile - Choose from 1440 user selectable frequencies using the 800’s revolutionary graphical user interface. Frequencies can be selected from groups of intermod free choices, or any frequency in 25 KHz increments. Select from 720 TX and 720 RX frequencies each from independent 18 MHz operational windows.
  • UHF operation - The BTR-800, TR-800 and TR-825 operate in the UHF band from 470 to 740 MHz. Bases and beltpacks operate in specific 18 MHz operational bands. Contact Telex customer service for complete operational band details.
  • Enhanced ClearScan™ frequency auto selection - Frequency selection has never been easier! This is an advanced form of our existing ClearScan technology. It actually looks at all of the available frequencies in the factory and user defined groups and ranks them so that the user knows the best frequencies to use. Now you can walk into a new venue in a new city and have a clear set of frequencies in less than a minute with the push of a couple of buttons!
  • Intermodulation-free factory selected groups - Each 800 system comes with 24 factory selected, intermod avoiding groups that allow even the most uninitiated user to get started right out of the box. Telex has done all of the work for you!
  • Two-channel intercom access from each beltpack - Each TR-800 and TR-825 beltpack in the system can select between two hardwired intercom channels. Channels are run to the BTR-800 base station and can be 2-wire, 4-wire or mixed. The BTR-800 is fully compatible with AudioCom®, RTS™ and Clear-Com® hardwired intercom systems.\
  • Detachable beltpack antennas - TR-800 and TR-825 beltpacks feature detachable antennas that utilize stud type threaded connectors that do not have a fragile center pin to break off or bend. Detachable antennas make storage or shipping a breeze.
  • Two great battery options - TR-800 and TR-825 beltpacks can be operated from standard Alkaline AA batteries that provide up to 14 hours of continuous duty operation. For applications where rechargeable batteries are required optional NiMH battery packs are available. NiMH batteries do not develop harmful memories like NiCads and offer up to 12 hours of operation. Drop-in chargers are also available in single and four-gang configurations.
  • Stage Announce output with relay closure - Each beltpack can initiate the Stage Announce feature. The user’s audio is routed out the back of the base station via a 3-pin XLR connector. The signal is dry, line level +8 dB and adjustable. A convenient relay closure is provided for triggering two-way radios, IFB sends, green-room speakers or any other closure activated device.
  • Wireless Talk Around (Broadcast ISO) - Each beltpack can momentarily route its audio only to the other wireless beltpacks on its current channel with the push of a button. The user’s audio is lifted off of the intercom bus so that only the other wireless beltpacks can hear. This is great for private conversations in the heat of battle.
  • Intelligent Power Control™ - This breakthrough technology takes system range and performance to a whole new level. Each beltpack senses when it is close to the base station and intelligently reduces its output by 10 dB. This effectively eliminates overloading the base station receiver front end which is the primary cause for the “near – far” desensing problem experienced in other wireless intercoms.
  • Cast magnesium beltpacks- TR-800 and TR-825 beltpacks are constructed of extremely light, strong and durable cast magnesium. That’s the metal “mag” wheels are made from! Using magnesium substantially decreases the weight of the beltpack while assuring the utmost ruggedness and durability.
  • Graphical user interface - The BTR-800, TR-800 and TR-825 have easy to useuser interfaces utilizing state of the art LCD displays. Custom graphicalmenus on the BTR-800 allow access to all of the powerful features and systemoperational parameters. The menu structure has been specifically designed tobe intuitive and easy to use right out of the box.

Telex TR800-71306XXX Specifications:

  • RF Frequency Range: 470-608 MHz, 614-740 MHz in 18MHz TX and RX bands
  • Power Requirement: 6 "AA" Cells Alkaline (NiMH optional)
  • Typical Battery Life
    • Alkaline: 14 hours continuous duty
    • NiMH (1500 mAh): 11 hours continuous duty
  • Current Draw: 140 mA (Push-To-Talk, Talk On)
  • Temp Range: -4° to 130° F (-20° to 55° C)
  • Dimensions: 3.75" W x 5.05" H x 1.65" D (9.5 x12.8 x 4.2 cm)
  • Weight: 16 oz (454 g) with alkaline batteries
  • Transmit Antenna: 1/4 Wave (supplied) Screw type
  • Receive Antenna: 1/4 Wave (supplied) Screw type
  • FCC ID: B5DM515
  • Frequency Response: 300 Hz-8 kHz
  • Microphone Input Sensitivity: 7 mV
  • Local Headset Output: 40 mW output into 600 ohms (1% Distortion)
  • Transmitter:
    • Type: Synthesized, 720 channels
    • Transmit Power: 50 mW Max. (Auto-power reduction when close to base)
    • Modulation Type: FM
    • Deviation: 40 kHz
    • RF Frequency Stability: 0.005%
    • Modulation Limiter: Peak-Responding Compressor
    • Radiated Harmonics & Spurious: Exceeds FCC speicifications
  • Receiver:
    • Type: Dual Conversion Superheterodyne, Synthesized, FM, 720 channels
    • RF Sensitivity: <0.7 uV for 12 dB SINAD
    • Squelch Threshold: 20dB SINAD (About 1.0uV)
    • IF Selectivity: 3 dB at 230 kHz
    • Image Rejection: 70 dB or better
    • Squelch Quieting: 90 dB
    • RF Frequency Stability: 0.005%
    • Distortion: <1% at full deviation
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